• What this is?: An absolute beginner's guide to getting an RPi up and running, hosting multiple services for an essential home server.
  • Who is this for?: Anyone who is starting up with Docker, Anyone who is interested in home automation and a DIY server solution but doesn’t want to spend a fortune.
  • What this isn’t?: The most advanced guide, Advanced techniques in the involved technologies, The best guide available.

Before we start.

  • I will focus on things that need to be modified/personalized to get them working. A lot of these solutions are already available for RPi and Docker separately. …

If you haven’t checked out the initial setup yet. Please check out part 1 here:https://hgaaditya.medium.com/how-to-set-up-a-homeserver-with-raspberry-pi-using-docker-e38cae062416

Once you are done with part 1. You can continue with the following steps.

Owncloud Setup

  1. After our setup from the main guide. You should be able to go to the homepage and see the following screen greeting you.

2. Login with the default admin:admin username and password combination.

3. Once logged in click on the dropdown on the top right of the screen and go to the Users section and change the default password.

Aaditya Gururaj

Tinkerer! I like to pursue and Implement new tech anywhere possible., and I troubleshoot tech problems for a living ;-)

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